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Exceptional service as standard means bringing your business the peace of
mind you deserve from your it solutions.

What we Offer

Cloud Analytics Modernization

Cloud Analytics Modernization with Tableau and Informatica on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a business intelligence solution.

Data Science Acceleration

Data Science Accelerator (DSA) powers automated predictions on dataset via automation workbench to empower citizen data scientists.

Versatility in Application

Of all system components embedded software is arguably the most versatile because of the relative ease and speed with which changes can be. made.

Full Customer Experience Service

The experts are here to help you deliver delight with an effortless customer experience.


The most challenging task in any company is finding the right people. It is a myth that there is a dearth of talent or the right kind of people to take up jobs. The only challenging task is to match the right people to the right job. Cadmium does not expect a company to take the burden of finding the right people, infact Cadmium has the experience and expertise along with its signature software that makes hiring through Cadmium truly worthwhile. Go ahead and place your requirements here and we will find the most suitable match for your job or project and revert.

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